Shrink Your Body

Our clients have lost over 8000 lbs!!

Barbara Ann Grova designed a natural weight loss program with a healthier twist. This innovative program is implemented in a completely holistic way. A holistic approach to weight loss focuses on the whole you and teaches the importance of the nutritional value in food, recognizing how it affects the unique needs of your own body. The goal is to eat nutritious, whole foods that ultimately increase your weight loss and balance your body’s biochemistry back to its natural state.

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Shrink Your Body, the holistic way, a 5 week program with no calorie-counting, products or gimmicks, starts with creating a clean body canvas by means of a cleanse that introduces natural, whole foods that you can buy anywhere. Weekly meal plans are designed to help eliminate foods that cause allergies, inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hormonal imbalance. During the 5 weeks there is a focus on a diversity of wellness topics including emotional eating, carb and sugar addiction, and body image.

Carrie Zuckerman tried to exercise and diet on her own for many years. “… I struggled to lose 10 lbs. and for some reason all the exercise and dieting I did never worked. But thanks to Barbara, I now understand what healthy, nutritious living really is and I easily lost 13 pounds with their program. I look and feel fantastic!”

What happens at a Shrink Your Body class?

Using her unique expertise and experience, Barbara designed a natural weight loss program with demonstrated results and great success for permanent weight loss. Barbara inspires and motivates her clients to have and maintain a healthy  lifestyle infused with lots of fun and laughs.


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